Editorial Services

Do you need an editor? Of course you do!

I own and operate Little Fire Editorial Services and I can make your words shine.

I spruce up documents of all types, print or digital. I have solid academic credentials and more than two decades of experience with a wide variety of clients, but you are my Number One priority.

I have a passion for all things historical—creative/narrative nonfiction, military, memoir, historical fiction, speculative/alternate history—and I thoroughly enjoy engaging with scholarly material (humanities/social sciences/American studies). Does your dissertation need some spiffing up? Are you interested in revising it for publication? If so, let’s talk…

You’ll find me to be very flexible and easy to work with. Once I’ve evaluated your work, I provide a firm bid for the project—no surprises.

I play well with others (a key consideration when selecting an editor for your project):

  • Unseasoned Authors (self-pub, indie pub, and ESL scribes, too)
  • Visionary Designers (print and digital)
  • Academics
  • Publishers
  • Book Packagers
  • Nonprofits (I am deeply committed to working with socially conscious organizations, those peeps who believe in making our world a better place in fields like environmental conservation, fitness/wellness, sustainable lifestyles, humane animal treatment, etc.).

My services include:

Visit my website and LinkedIn profile for full details, then drop me a line and let me know how I can help.

Let’s collaborate!

Aden Nichols
Little Fire Editorial Services

“There is nothing so powerful as an epic idea, clearly expressed.”